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October 16, 2018NXP Owns the Stage for Machine Learning in Edge DevicesPrinter Friendly Version
October 10, 2018NXP Secures the Edge with Two Industry-First Multi-Core Arm Cortex-M33 SolutionsPrinter Friendly Version
October 02, 2018NXP Accelerates Time to Market for Automotive Radar Applications with New Radar SolutionPrinter Friendly Version
September 26, 2018NXP Triples Its 65 V LDMOS Offering for RF PowerPrinter Friendly Version
September 20, 2018NXP Semiconductors Announces US$1 Billion Bridge FinancingPrinter Friendly Version
September 17, 2018NXP Semiconductors and Hitachi Solutions Collaborate on Secure DSRC-based V2X Solution for Japanese MarketPrinter Friendly Version
September 10, 2018NXP Semiconductors Announces the Initiation of a Quarterly Dividend ProgramPrinter Friendly Version
September 10, 2018NXP's A71CH Trust Anchor Solution Delivers Secure Connections to Google Cloud IoT CorePrinter Friendly Version
September 09, 2018NXP Reorganizes Leadership Team to Support Profitable GrowthPrinter Friendly Version
September 06, 2018NXP Semiconductors to Present at Upcoming Investor ConferencePrinter Friendly Version
September 03, 2018NXP Acquires OmniPHY to Accelerate Autonomous Driving and Vehicle NetworksPrinter Friendly Version
July 25, 2018NXP Semiconductors Announces Conference Call to Review Second Quarter 2018 Financial ResultsPrinter Friendly Version
July 18, 2018NXP Named One of World’s Most Impactful Industrial IoT Companies in 2018Printer Friendly Version
July 12, 2018NXP Delivers New Security and Connectivity to 2018 FIFA World Cup Russia™ Finals with Smart Stadium ExperiencePrinter Friendly Version
July 03, 2018NXP and Smart Columbus Continue to Partner on the Future of Smart MobilityPrinter Friendly Version
June 26, 2018NXP Unlocks Access to RF EnergyPrinter Friendly Version
June 21, 2018NXP to Host RAIN RFID Alliance Meeting Focused on Industry 4.0Printer Friendly Version
June 18, 2018NXP Processors Deliver Performance and Safety for Next-Generation Electric and Autonomous VehiclesPrinter Friendly Version
June 13, 2018NXP Delivers Embedded AI Environment to Edge ProcessingPrinter Friendly Version
June 13, 2018NXP Extends Investment in Industry Leading Kinetis Microcontrollers to Support its IoT and Security CustomersPrinter Friendly Version
June 12, 2018NXP Introduces New High Power RF Products for 5G NetworksPrinter Friendly Version
June 12, 2018NXP Front-End Solutions Change the Game for 5GPrinter Friendly Version
June 07, 2018NXP, Mastercard and Visa Transform Mobile Payments for Billions of IoT DevicesPrinter Friendly Version
June 06, 2018NXP and Baidu Partner to Secure the IoT in ChinaPrinter Friendly Version
June 05, 2018NXP Brings Standard Packages to RF PowerPrinter Friendly Version
June 05, 2018NXP Accelerates Secure Edge Solutions with Ecosystem PartnersPrinter Friendly Version
May 02, 2018NXP Semiconductors Reports First Quarter 2018 ResultsPrinter Friendly Version
April 25, 2018NXP #3 on List of Top Companies for Artificial Intelligence Chipset InnovationPrinter Friendly Version
April 02, 2018NXP and Announce Strategic IoT Partnership in ChinaPrinter Friendly Version
March 28, 2018NXP and AliOS Partner for New In-Vehicle ExperiencesPrinter Friendly Version
March 27, 2018NXP’s New Automotive Echo Cancellation Noise Reduction Solution Makes Calls ClearPrinter Friendly Version
March 19, 2018NXP’s MIFARE 2GO and Google Pay Transform Public TransportationPrinter Friendly Version
February 28, 2018NXP Ushers in New Era of eSIM-enabled Devices for 5G and IoT With Industry’s First Single NFC and Secure Element Monolithic ChipPrinter Friendly Version
February 27, 2018NXP Leads Edge Computing Revolution – High-Performance Compute, Security, and EcosystemPrinter Friendly Version
February 27, 2018NXP Integrates Layerscape® Family of Arm-based Processors with Microsoft Azure IoT for Secure Edge ComputingPrinter Friendly Version
February 27, 2018NXP Introduces New Innovative “Plug and Trust” Approach to IoT Security Using NXP A71CH Trust AnchorPrinter Friendly Version
February 27, 2018NXP Unlocks the IoT to a Broader Spectrum of Innovators, Announces Rapid IoT Prototyping Kit for Creating Proof-of-Concept DesignsPrinter Friendly Version
February 27, 2018NXP Unveils EdgeScale: A Secure, Scalable, Device-Management Suite for Edge ComputingPrinter Friendly Version
February 27, 2018NXP and Kontron Collaborate on Edge Computing for the Industrial IoTPrinter Friendly Version
February 20, 2018NXP Unveils Cutting Edge IoT, Industrial and Automotive Solutions at Embedded World 2018Printer Friendly Version
February 20, 2018NXP GreenBox Development Platform Accelerates Transition to Hybrid and Electric Vehicles (HEVs/EVs)  Printer Friendly Version
February 16, 2018NXP and Partners Sign Joint Charter on CybersecurityPrinter Friendly Version
February 07, 2018NXP Semiconductors Reports Fourth Quarter and Full Year 2017 ResultsPrinter Friendly Version
February 06, 2018NXP and Garmin Team-up to Bring Secure and Convenient NFC Mobile Payments to New Fitness WearablesPrinter Friendly Version
January 31, 2018New NXP CAN Transceiver Family Secures CAN Communications Without CryptographyPrinter Friendly Version
January 30, 2018NXP Expands Automotive Ethernet Portfolio with new Gigabit Switch and Dual Port PHYPrinter Friendly Version
January 19, 2018NXP Semiconductors Announces the Timing of the Release of Fourth Quarter and Full Year 2017 ResultsPrinter Friendly Version
January 16, 2018NXP vCPE Solution Successfully Completes CMCC Networking TrialPrinter Friendly Version
January 10, 2018NXP, LG Electronics and HELLA Collaborate on Automotive Vision PlatformPrinter Friendly Version
January 09, 2018NXP Extends Your Senses Beyond Edge Computing in the Digital World with i.MX 8M Applications ProcessorsPrinter Friendly Version
January 09, 2018NXP Expands Smart Kitchen Appliance Leadership with World’s First Automated Frozen Food Defrosting Reference DesignPrinter Friendly Version
January 05, 2018NXP Broadens Product Portfolio to Enable High Resolution Automotive Radar SensorsPrinter Friendly Version
January 05, 2018NXP Introduces Automated Drive Kit for Open, Fast and Flexible DevelopmentPrinter Friendly Version
January 03, 2018NXP Powers NFC Experience in Hasbro and Harmonix’s Dynamic Music-Mixing Game DROPMIXPrinter Friendly Version

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